Class Teacher / Youth Pastor: Josh and Lindsay Crumpton


The Truth

Thank you for taking the time to check out the teen’s page at Southside Baptist Church. In a world of havoc and chaos teenagers are seeking one thing…the truth about life. From the Bible we can find the answers to life and that God wants us to have a life of joy and a sense of purpose.


You will learn
• What is my purpose in life?
• Is some entertainment harmful?
• What is a family?
• Can a marriage really be happy?
• What is true maturity?
• How can I develop character?
• Is the Bible really God’s Word?
• Is Jesus really God’s Son?
• What happens after death?
• What is real love?
• Why was I created?

The Excitement

The Christian life is very exciting. Some people may say that Christians never have fun! The difference is our kind of fun won’t get you drunk, high, pregnant, or arrested. It’s the kind of fun that creates good memories, hilarious moments, and everlasting friendships.

You will experience

• Summer Camps
• Tailgating Party
• Lock Ins
• Retreats
• Exciting Activities

The Friends

Everyone wants a friend that is there for them. You can find teens and adults that want to build a friendship with you. Their best interest is you. Not to get things from you but to be there when you really need them. So if you want to know God personally and want to start living His purpose in you life come join us at Southside Baptist Church where you’ll find real friendships and answers to life.

Teen Bible Class and Fellowship – 10:00AM

7th-12th Grade Guys & Girls – Teen Room
This is a great time for the teens to fellowship, connect, and serve. We have refreshments at 9:45 to encourage teens to fellowship and at 10 we have a practical teaching that not only challenges teenagers but equips them as they go through the teen years and enter adulthood.

Teen Outreach and Dinner – 5:30PM every Wednesday

Location: Teen Room

Teen Choir Practice – 6:40PM every Wednesday

Location: Choir Practice Room
The Teen Choir sings every Wednesday and sings during special events.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – 7:00PM

Join your friends and ministry leaders for a one-hour study of practical truths from the Bible about how to become the man or woman God wants you to be.