May 2014
Graduation Service 2014

Graduation Day: It’s a sense of accomplishment paired with a sense of ambition about the future.  It is a day when the struggles of study suddenly seem worth it all. The immense pride of the graduates is matched only by their consuming curiosity of the new world into which they are preparing to enter.  Each person has a unique path to follow in life.  Only prayer, counsel, and time will reveal the mysteries of God’s design for the lives of each graduate.  In celebration of such a commencement into life and liberty,......

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Feb 2014
REVIVAL with Dr. Ron Comfort | Southside Baptist Church

  Have you ever felt as though your spiritual life was slipping away?  It can seem as though your spiritual life is like a boat that is slowly slipping out of his protective harbor.  Sometimes, Christians can experience periods of doubt, discouragement, or even disobedience in their relationship with the Lord.  When these instances happen, revival meetings can be just the thing to help! Southside Baptist Church recently hosted its annual Revival Meetings with special guest preacher Dr. Ron Comfort.  This special series of evening services were excellent opportunities for Christians to receive......

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Jan 2013
Iron Men 2013 | Southside Baptist Church

Have you ever wondered why God leads us the way He does sometimes?  As we follow the Lord, it is easy to question the purpose of the events that take place in our lives.  The struggles which we face, even while earnestly trying to serve the Lord, often times will cause us to lose faith in the plan and purpose of God.  As the men of SBC met on Saturday to “sharpen their iron” through great preaching and teaching sessions from God’s Word, Pastor Nance taught three lessons about distractions, detours, and......

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Jan 2013
Missions Conference 2013 | Southside Baptist Church

Just off the shore of an Israeli sea, a group of Jesus disciples toiled on board their ship desiring to haul in a host of fish. Despite the night’s labor, not a single fish found its way into their net. Tired and discouraged, the men struggled to find the motivation to carry on. Just then, a voice rang out from the shore. “Children, have ye any meat?” They answered him, “No.” And he said unto them, “Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find.” They cast......

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